Serpent Bohème wedding band

Wedding band in yellow gold

Frédéric Boucheron, deeply in love with his wife, gave her a necklace representing a snake on the eve of one of his trips away. The protecarative animal watched over her when her husband was absent, and was a promise of a happy life. Since then, it has become a symbol of love and protecaration for all Boucheron women; a pledge of eternal attachment.
The wedding band Serpent Bohème is the promise of a happy life beside one's beloved.

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Mrs Astor

Celebrated “queen” of New York from the early 1900s until her wedding to heir John Jacob Astor IV in 1911, Madeleine Astor was a faithful client of Frédéric Boucheron’s, whom she visited each year so as to order fabulous new jewelry sets. As passengers on the Titanic, only Mrs Astor survived the sinking, her husband having gallantly given his place on the lifeboat to a woman. All of her magnificent collection of jewels disappeared in the ocean that night, except for a sapphire and diamond ring which Mrs Astor was wearing. She wore it always after that, in remembrance of her valiant husband.

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Serpent Bohème wedding band

Wedding band in yellow gold

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Yellow gold 750/1000, 1,60 g

Ref.: JAL00236

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