Facette Platinum Small Wedding Band

Wedding Band in platinum

The modern structure of the Facette wedding band is highlighted by a subtle play of light.
The platinum’s precise polish demonstrates the talent of the Maison Boucheron’s craftsmen and gives the jewel a remarkable shine.
Both graphic and discreet, this wedding band symbolizes the eternal bond between two hearts.

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Les Moments B

La Païva

Celebrated for her beauty, La Païva easily admitted that “nothing and no one gave her as much delight as her precious stones”. For over 30 years, enthralled admirers presented her with extraordinary jewelry, which she cherished above all things. She went on to marry Count von Donnersmarck, who sold all of his possessions to satisfy her grandiose appetite for jewelry, particularly for the acquisition of a 100 carat yellow diamond: this unique stone symbolizes the mad passion of a man for a woman.

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Facette Platinum Small Wedding Band

Wedding Band in platinum

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Platinum 950/1000 2,90 g

Ref.: JAL00205

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