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Serpent Bohème

Serpent Bohème: The protective jewel

A jewelery collection dedicated to the iconic Boucheron serpent, protective spirit and symbol of eternity. Delicately sculpted and polished, gold enhances the brilliance of diamonds.

  • Moment #12

    Maharadjah de Patiala

    The most extraordinary order ever seen on the Place Vendôme

    It was in August 1928 that the Maharajah of Patiala arrived at number 26 Place Vendôme, escorted by servants carrying six boxes full of precious stones, including 7 571 diamonds and 1 432 emeralds. Impressed by Boucheron’s reputation and the special link the Maison had established with India, he ordered an exceptional set of jewelry to be made up of 149 jewelry pieces with the thousands of diamonds, rubies and emeralds from his treasure. To this day, this is the most important and extraordinary order ever seen on Place Vendôme.

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The Pivoine collection much resembles a Haute Couture creation. Diamonds are magnified in a gold ribbon interlacing, creating a delicate frame for the central stone. It is a contemporary and classic expression of Boucheron’s style and savoir-faire.

Pensée de Diamants

  • Moment #18


    Ava Gardner’s legendary beauty made her an icon of American cinema and inspired the Maison Boucheron for the creations of its Ava line of jewels. In the film Singapore, Ava Gardner is given a ring as a symbol of passionate love: her remarkable and touching expression at that moment embodies the emotion a woman feels when presented with a precious gift of love. The diamond of the Ava jewels, which seems to float in the air and shines with the purest sparkle, echoes the beauty of this glamorous star and the way she stands out in the crowd.

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A Collection of Animals


Ava: The diamond’s dazzling sparkle

Inspired by Ava Gardner’s timeless grace, the jewel pays tribute to the precious stone. The diamond, enhanced by an airy setting, reveals all of its shine and sparkle.

  • Moment #4

    Mrs Mackay

    Appearing 102 times in the Maison’s special order books between 1876 and 1902, Marie-Louise Mackay, a wealthy American, made the most impressive orders ever known by the Maison Boucheron. She first arrived at Boucheron with no specific creation in mind, simply asking the jeweler for an extraordinary stone. To express his love, her husband asked Frédéric Boucheron to secretly seek out the most exceptional sapphire to match the intense color of her deep blue eyes. He finally selected a 159 carat blue sapphire from Kashmir that he had set onto a necklace, which delighted Mrs Mackay, who was then said to own the world’s most beautiful sapphire. Frédéric Boucheron had already understood that the beauty of a precious stone or jewel is above all a means to highlight and enhance a woman’s radiance.

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Delilah: Pleated gold

The jeweler’s hands bring gold to life, transforming it into the exquisitely supple and delicate fabric of a precious collection.

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