Delilah Necklace Necklace in pink gold

Irresistibly charming and light, the Delilah necklace is a genuine fabric made of gold.
The gold is delicately woven and pleated by the craftsmen of the Maison Boucheron who transform it into a precious drapé material.
Whether worn as a scarf, tied in the front or in the back, the jewel is always stunningly elegant.

Pink gold 750/1000, 149g
Length 120 cm

Nuri, the Parrot long necklace Long necklace set with pavé tsavorites and orange, pink, purple, yellow sapphires, diamonds and purple cabochon sapphires, in pink gold

A playful and faithful companion, "Nuri", whose name means parrot in Indonesian, is a cockatoo with a magnificent plumage.
The parrot’s plumage symbolizes the elements of life such as the sun, water or fire. So it is quite natural that Nuri, the Parrot became the messenger of beauty and life for the woman who wears it.

2 cabochon purple sapphires, 0,07 carat
41 round tsavorites, 0,53 carat
195 orange round sapphires, 2,52 carats
75 purple round sapphires, 1,31 carat
69 yellow round sapphires, 1,29 carat
147 pink round sapphires, 3,19 carats
4 white round diamonds, 0,03 carat
Pink gold 750/1000, 31,78 g
Pink gold chain
Length: 90 cm

Hera, the peacock medallion Medallion in rock crystal, on pink and white gold, round cultured pearls, and diamonds

A symbol of immortality, peace and prosperity, the Peacock of a hundred eyes, like a loyal guardian, constantly charms and protects whomever it is attached to.
According to Greek mythology, the “eyes” that can be seen on the peacock’s tail were placed there by Hera.

619 round diamonds, 5,48 carats
3 pear diamonds, 0,22 carat
2 princesse diamonds, 0,40 carat
152 multi-colored round cultured pearls, 91,60 carats
1 gold round cultured pearl, 4,60 carats
Rock crystal, 12,00 g
Pink gold 750/1000, 24,07 g
White gold 750/1000, 6,80 g

Serpent Bohème Long Necklace L Motif Long necklace set in pink gold with diamonds

The Serpent Bohème long necklace expresses with elegance the Maison Boucheron's codes. The expert work of the Hands of Light and the stone setters is highlighted with the multi-wear long necklace that can be worn also as a double-tour necklace, or as a brooch thanks to a stunning pin set with paved diamonds.

43 round diamonds, 1.39 carats
Pink gold 750/1000, 16.35 g

Serpent Bohème Necklace XL Motif Serpent Bohème necklace set in pink gold with diamonds

The necklace Serpent Bohème expresses with elegance the line's codes.
The drop motif is bordered by gold beads with delicacy, the diamonds are highlighted by the openwork honeycomb and the twisted chain is enlarged.

427 round diamonds, 13.07 carats
Pink gold 750/1000, 68.20 g

Piece in three separable parts

Serpent Bohème pendant S Motif Pendant set in pink gold with diamonds

The art of the Magician of Stones consists in accentuating the brilliance of the stones by using the grain setting technique: the head of the serpent is highlighted and magnified. The dazzle of this line is enhanced by the delicate gold beads that surround them. All of this magic is reflected in the Serpent Bohème pendant.

8 round diamonds, 0.33 carat
Pink gold 750/1000, 7.85 g

Pompon Necklace Necklace set with diamonds, in pink gold

The Pompon collection is inspired by Haute Couture – a theme to which Maison Boucheron returns time and again. It features a pink gold necklace, with pavé-set diamond fringes that sparkle at the slightest movement. The diamonds appear to float in mid-air thanks to the use of the special serti aérien, a setting technique invented by Boucheron.

32 square diamonds 0,86 carat
15 baguette diamonds 0,76 carat
451 brown round diamonds 23,59 carats
Pink gold 750/1000 53,50 g

Serpent Bohème Long necklace 6 Motifs Long necklace with 6 onyx motifs, in pink gold

Nearly 50 years after its launch, the Serpent Bohème collection has been reinvented with colorful, transparent, and hard gemstones. Set with onyx and crowned with gold beads, the spellbinding aesthetic of this long necklace embodies the free spirit and subversive power of Boucheron.

6 onyx 6,93 carats
pink gold 750/1000 8,57g

Pompon Necklace Necklace set with pavé diamonds, in pink gold

Born to clothier parents, Frédéric Boucheron retained his childhood memories of fabric and material.
Drawing on this education in finesse, he began to work with gold and precious stones with the same flexibility as the fabric and lace he was familiar with as a child.
The Couture theme continues to inspire the Maison Boucheron, which, through its timeless collections, invents the classics of tomorrow, such as the rose gold necklace paved with diamonds.

188 round diamonds 5,21 carats
Pink gold 750/1000 100,71 g

QUATRE CLASSIQUE LONG NECKLACE 8 paved mini rings long necklace, in pink gold

Quatre Classique is today one of Maison Boucheron’s signature collections and features a delicate matching chain set off by 8 mini Quatre rings that perfectly balance this rose gold ensemble. The diamonds catch the light at every angle, bringing out the creation’s elegant, bold look to perfection.

96 rounds diamonds 1,40 carats
Yellow, white and pink gold 750/1000 40,52 g

Plume de Paon Pendant Plume de Paon necklace, set with one rose-cut diamond and pavé diamonds, in pink gold

Feathers have been a key motif in the Boucheron story since 1866. The masterful use of gold, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of how to create three-dimensional pieces, lend this rose gold necklace a floating structure and fluidity that exude strength and seduction.

1 rose-cut diamond 0,52 carat
563 round diamonds 4,47 carats
Pink gold 750/1000 25,01 g

QUATRE RADIANT EDITION LONG NECKLACE Long necklace set with pavé diamonds, in pink & white gold

The Quatre Radiant Edition collection, with its luminosity and strong lines, features a resolutely contemporary chain that creates a little sunshine every time it is worn. Its clean lines and the delicacy of its five rose or white gold chains, set with diamonds, combine to create a bold, modern look.

103 round diamonds 2,40 carats
Pink and white gold 750/1000 78,67 g

Serpent Bohème Long Necklace, 6 motifs Long necklace with 6 rhodolite garnet motifs, in pink gold

The long necklace's twisted chain is classic Maison Boucheron. Finely crafted, it complements to perfection the six Serpent Bohème motifs in diamond and rhodolite garnet.

6 rhodolite garnets 13,38 carats
Pink gold 8,52 g

SERPENT BOHÈME NECKLACE, 23 MOTIFS 23 motifs necklace paved with diamonds, in pink gold.

Famous throughout the world for its daring innovative style, the Serpent Bohème necklace in pink gold and diamonds plays on the codes of the unexpected with an oversize drop motif. The juxtaposition of the large motifs reveals the exuberance of the collection.

736 round diamonds 29,00 ct
Pink gold 750/1000 95,20 g