Quatre Radiant Edition

Yellow or white gold, monochromatic and pavé diamonds, the Quatre Radiant line is undoubtedly the most graphic of all Quatre collections. Its proportions, style and simple lines are a subtle reminder of the esthetic codes of classic architecture, which was one of Fréderic Boucheron’s favorite sources of inspiration.

Quatre Radiant Edition Ring Ring set with pavé diamonds, in white and yellow gold.

Created in celebration of the boutique’s 120 years on the Place Vendôme, this ring radiant the light and energy sent by the Hôtel Particulier chosen by Frédéric Boucheron for its unique qualities.
Monochromatic, in white or yellow gold, it is a celebration of pure gold, a quintessential expression of Boucheron style.
The signature « 26 Place Vendôme Edition » engraved by the Hands of Light, is a genuine jewelry detail that adorns each ring.

25 round diamonds 0,51 carats
Yellow gold and white gold 750/1000 14,58g

Quatre Classique

The timeless Classique is the highlight of the Quatre collection. This unique and out-of-time ring features both the avant-gardism and innovation of the Maison Boucheron. The four rings of Quatre Classique are undeniable icons of modernism that combine yellow, white, and pink gold as well as brown PVD, which is very unusual in jewelry. The delicate pavé diamonds bring a bright radiance to this exceptional piece.

Quatre Classique Large Ring Ring set with pavé diamonds, in yellow, white, pink gold and brown PVD

Set with pavé diamonds, this version of the Quatre ring represents a bold and visually striking aesthetic.
The four bands of the ring perfectly fit together with the utmost precision, making it a recognizable jewel.
The jewel with a strong personality reaveals the graphic codes of the Maison.

25 round diamonds, 0,51 carats
Yellow, white, pink gold 750/1000, 13,83g and brown PVD

Quatre White Edition

The legendary Quatre collection by Boucheron has been constantly reinterpreted throughout the years, and offers new atmospheres with each variations of the initial model. The Quatre White Edition’s white sculpted ceramic ring brings a touch of cutting-edge modernity to the collection. The flawlessness of the white enhances the emblematic clou de Paris. Added to the diamonds and three colors of white, yellow, and pink gold, the ceramic ring brings a resolutely contemporary touch of high-tech.

Quatre White Edition Large Ring Ring set with pavé round diamonds, in yellow gold, white gold, pink gold and ceramic

Emblematic, the Quatre White Edition ring offers the ideal combination of colors and sculpted bands, celebrating the codes of the Maison.
The white of the ceramic combines beautifully with the brilliance of the diamonds, enhanced by the mirror polish of the gold.
A ring which is light and precious, appealing to a woman seeking an iconic and sophisticated jewel.

25 round diamonds, 0,49 carats
Yellow, white, pink gold
750/1000, 11,83g
and white ceramic, 0,24g

Quatre Red Edition

For the first time, red ceramic has been introduced into this Quatre Red line collection. A symbol of happiness and vitality in China, the color red brings a new radiance to Quatre.

Quatre Red Edition Large ring Large ring paved with diamonds in yellow, pink, white gold and red ceramic

The Quatre Red ring is the quintessence of the Boucheron style. Designed and crafted for the 120th anniversary of the Vendôme historical shop, this ring radiates with Frédéric Boucheron’s wild creativity. The graphic, urban and bold Quatre Red ring reflects unique light and strength thanks to the precious blend of red ceramic, diamonds, and yellow, white and pink gold. Assert your style – Assert yourself.

25 round diamonds 0,49 ct
Yellow, white and pink gold 750/1000 11,36 g
Red ceramic



The Maison Boucheron’s iconic codes are constantly re-interpreted in this collection which embodies the excellence of the craftsman and gold sculptor. These modern and boldly designed jewels offer a distinctively striking combination of golds and textures.