Quatre Blue Edition

The Quatre Collection entered the Maison in 2004, imposing its graphic signature and contemporary character onto the Boucheron world. This season, the Bleu de Paris gives the Quatre novelties a delicate shot of freshness, like a contemporary resonance to the blue jeans, true allies of our wardrobes. This new collection can only be the whimsical accomplice of your every moments.

Quatre Blue Edition Mini Ring Pendant Pendant set with one diamond in yellow, pink, white gold and blue ceramic

With its sparkle of azure set with a round diamond, the Quatre Blue necklace looks great with all shades of denim. After all, it did provide the inspiration for this new line! With the Quatre pendant, you could go for a sober total look, pants + shirt, or a jumpsuit gathered at the waist with a wide studded belt, just to play with the signature motifs of the collection. The finishing touch? A sweet jangle of Quatre bracelets to spice up this ode to blue.

1 round diamond 0,01 carat
Yellow, pink and white gold 750 5,13g
Blue ceramic

Quatre Radiant Edition

Yellow or white gold, monochromatic and pavé diamonds, the Quatre Radiant line is undoubtedly the most graphic of all Quatre collections. Its proportions, style and simple lines are a subtle reminder of the esthetic codes of classic architecture, which was one of Fréderic Boucheron’s favorite sources of inspiration.

Quatre Radiant Edition Hoop Earrings Hoop earrings set with pavé diamonds, in yellow gold and white gold

The Quatre Radiant Edition hoop earrings combine diamonds with gold sculpture for a jewel with a sophisticated and unique design. The skill of the sculptor and the gold mirror setting highlight the brilliance of the diamonds. Trendy, these earrings are a jewel that can be worn everyday and can be associated with the Quatre rings in an original and contemporary set.

46 round diamonds, 0,34 carats
Yellow and white gold 750/1000 6,10g

Quatre radiant edition small ring Yellow gold ring

The Radiant Edition is graphic and flamboyant. Monochromatic in yellow gold, it makes no compromises. It is the quintessential expression of Boucheron style.

Yellow gold 750/1000 7,61 g

Quatre Clou de Paris Bangle, small model Bangle in yellow gold, small model

This Light version of the Quatre Clou de Paris bangle, inspired by the cobblestones of Place Vendôme, is a mix of tradition and modernity. Its delicate design crafted in yellow gold includes sculpted pyramidal facets that stylishly reflect light from every angle. The effect when worn is stunning.

Yellow gold 750 15,82g

Quatre Grosgrain Bangle, small model Bangle in yellow gold, small model

The Quatre Grosgrain line is a nod to Frédéric Boucheron's draper family, who inspired the delicacy of his creations. Proudly adorning the wrist, this yellow gold bangle has been finely sculpted and is ideally worn together with other motifs from the collection.

Yellow gold 750 14,53g

Quatre Radiant Edition Ring Yellow gold ring

What if Quatre were equal to three? The codes of the iconic Quatre collection have been appropriated and redirected into a playful three-band Radiant. An ultra-contemporary combination, which, relieved of its diamond ring, leaves a mischievous space between the Grosgrain and Clou de Paris line, while maintaining the beautiful graphic balance of the Quatre collection.

Yellow gold 750/1000 8,98g

Quatre Radiant Edition openwork ring Yellow gold ring

The Quatre Radiant ring rewrites the Maison Boucheron’s iconic collection with great sensitivity. While still as distinctive as before, this Quatre Radiant ring features an openwork version of the Clou de Paris. So Paris! The intricate second skin openwork associated with the Grosgrain pavé reveals an asserted and sensual contrast. The monochromatic yellow gold Quatre Radiant ring is a graphic and subtle way of expressing oneself – a new signature.

Yellow gold 750/1000 7,7 g

Quatre Classique

The timeless Classique is the highlight of the Quatre collection. This unique and out-of-time ring features both the avant-gardism and innovation of the Maison Boucheron. The four rings of Quatre Classique are undeniable icons of modernism that combine yellow, white, and pink gold as well as brown PVD, which is very unusual in jewelry. The delicate pavé diamonds bring a bright radiance to this exceptional piece.

Quatre Classique Small Ring Ring in yellow gold, white gold, pink gold and brown PVD

The Small version of the iconic Quatre ring is a study in lightness and remarkable innovative aesthetics.
The combination of the bands, each of a different color, beautifully demonstrates the skill of the gold sculptor. It is the perfect jewel for every occasion, easily worn every day.
The Quatre Small ring can also be chosen by future married couples as a symbol of their commitment.

Yellow, white, pink gold 750/1000 6,57g and brown PVD

Quatre Classique wedding band Wedding band set with pavé diamonds, in pink gold, white gold, yellow gold and brown PVD.

A signature of the Boucheron spirit, the Quatre Classique wedding band combines two emblematic codes, the diamond line and the Clou de Paris.
Brown PVD is combined with a mirror polish, a technique developed exclusively by the Maison, to give even more intensity to the brilliance of the diamonds.
The Quatre Classique wedding band can be worn alone or combined with other Quatre rings.

33 round diamonds, 0,25 carats
Pink, white, yellow gold 750/1000 3,39g and brown PVD

Quatre Classique Mini Ring Pendant Pendant set with one diamond, in yellow, white, pink gold and brown PVD

In his initial interpretation, the pendant Quatre is a real emblem of the Maison Boucheron.
Each golden ring represents an iconic code of the Maison and illustrates the talents of its craftmen.

1 round diamond 0,01carat
Yellow, white, pink gold 750/1000 5,7 g and brown PVD

Quatre White Edition

The legendary Quatre collection by Boucheron has been constantly reinterpreted throughout the years, and offers new atmospheres with each variations of the initial model. The Quatre White Edition’s white sculpted ceramic ring brings a touch of cutting-edge modernity to the collection. The flawlessness of the white enhances the emblematic clou de Paris. Added to the diamonds and three colors of white, yellow, and pink gold, the ceramic ring brings a resolutely contemporary touch of high-tech.

Quatre White Edition Large Ring Ring in yellow gold, white gold, pink gold and ceramic

The Quatre White Edition ring pays homage to the savoir-faire of the Maison Boucheron, the sculptor of precious materials.
An innovative alloy has been created so as to sculpt and adorn the dazzling white ceramic with the codes of the Maison.
A jewel that is refreshingly carefree and modern.

Yellow, white, pink gold 750/1000 10,87g
and white ceramic, 0,24g

Quatre White Edition Small Ring Ring in yellow gold, white gold, pink gold and ceramic

The Maison Boucheron elegantly redesigns the iconic Quatre line with a White Edition ring that is just as emblematic.
A true technical feat, the ceramic alloy has been specifically created to enhance the brilliance of the material.
Extremely refined, this summery ring is perfect for those seeking a jewel for every day.

Yellow, white and pink gold 750/1000 5,91g
and white ceramic, 0,12g

Quatre White Edition Mini Ring Pendant Pendant set with one diamond, in yellow, white, pink gold and ceramic

The Maison's iconic Quatre can also be worn as a pendant set with diamonds. The graphic design of the Quatre White Edition sublimates strong women who embrace their independence.

1 round diamond 0,01 carat
Yellow gold, white gold and pink gold 750/1000 5,51 g
and white ceramic 0,10 g

Quatre Red Edition

For the first time, red ceramic has been introduced into this Quatre Red line collection. A symbol of happiness and vitality in China, the color red brings a new radiance to Quatre.

Quatre Red Edition Small Ring Small ring in yellow, pink, white gold and red ceramic

The Quatre Red ring opens new fields of expression to its wearer. The resolutely bold red ceramic blows a new wind of freedom on the Maison Boucheron’s iconic collection. The play on colors and textures brings a valuable and innovative contrast to the Quatre ring. This intense jewel brings sensuality and independence together.

Yellow, white and pink gold 750/1000 5,83 g
Red ceramic

Quatre Red Edition Mini ring Ring paved with diamonds in yellow gold, white gold and red ceramic

The Quatre Red wedding band radiates light and strength thanks to the unique blend of red sculpted ceramic, pavé diamonds and Grosgrain. Boldness, modernity and the Parisian Haute Couture icon seal the spirit of the Maison Boucheron into this wedding band: freedom to create, freedom to wear, but also freedom to commit. The Quatre wedding band is more than a declaration of love: it is an ode to the unique personality of its female or male wearer.

33 round diamonds 0,24 ct
White and pink gold 750/1000 2,68 g
Red ceramic

Quatre Red Edition Mini Ring Pendant Pendant set with one diamond in yellow, pink, white gold and red ceramic

The Quatre Red line comes in a pendant for stylish, everyday use.

1 round diamond 0,01 carat
Yellow, pink and white gold 750 5,17g
Red ceramic

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The Maison Boucheron’s iconic codes are constantly re-interpreted in this collection which embodies the excellence of the craftsman and gold sculptor. These modern and boldly designed jewels offer a distinctively striking combination of golds and textures.