Serpent Bohème

Serpent Bohème

The protective jewel

A jewelry collection dedicated to the iconic Boucheron serpent, protective spirit and symbol of eternity. Delicately sculpted and polished, gold enhances the brilliance of diamonds.

Serpent Bohème Ring, L motif Ring set with rhodolite garnet, in pink gold

This ring owes its sensual curves to the meticulous craftsmanship of Maison Boucheron's artisans. Sculpted in gold, the snake's body curls around the finger, capturing the vibrant reflections of a majestic 10.91 carat rhodolite garnet.

1 rhodolite garnet 10,91 carats
Pink gold 750/1000 12,13 g

Serpent Bohème Ring, three motifs Three-motif ring set with round diamonds, in white gold

This three-headed Serpent Bohème ring breaks codes and features the iconic motif in three different formats. Three diamond-paved drops surrounded by gold beads stand for the three petals of a flower that reveals glimpses of bare skin underneath.

31 round diamonds 1,13 carats
White gold 750/1000 12,90 g

Serpent Bohème Ring, three motifs Three-motif ring set with round diamonds, in yellow gold

With this ring, be gentle, but be yourself. Wear it alone or together with its single motif little sisters, bring a chic touch to an extravagant wardrobe, and spice up your life.

31 round diamonds 1,13 carats
Yellow gold 750/1000, 12,10 g

Two-finger Serpent Bohème Ring Multi-motif ring set with round diamonds, in yellow gold

Two-finger ring or hand jewel? This piece proudly features its modernity and matching personality! Six drops in decreasing sizes from the center, paved with diamonds and surrounded by gold beads, draw an intense and graphic horizontal line that covers most of its wearer's hand. A daring and incredibly contemporary anthem to the bewitching universe of the Serpent Bohème collection.

48 round diamonds 1,01 carats
Yellow gold 750/1000 8,55 g