Timeless Creations

Timeless Creations

For 160 years, the Maison Boucheron has been breaking free of trends to create unique and surprising collections. Boucheron’s timeless pieces transcend fleeing time and go through the ages without losing an ounce of their power of fascination; they perpetuate the Maison’s long history and avant-gardist philosophy. The glaring stones, flowing shapes, and elegance of the compositions bestow a touch eternity on these timeless pieces.

Mehndi Ring Ring set with diamonds, in white gold

Faithful to the purest jewelry tradition, the openwork motif of the Mehndi ring was created to obtain the most sophisticated embroidery of diamonds. As light as lace, it evokes the “Paisley” motif, created in 1878 by Frédéric Boucheron for the Maharaja of Kapurthala.

119 round diamonds 2,24 ct
White gold 750/1000 6,31 g

Goutte Ring Ring set with a diamond and rock crystal, paved with diamonds, in white gold.

The geometric lines of the Goutte ring are inspired by the majestic domes emblematic of Russia's imperial cities. Thanks to the rock crystal work, the diamonds reflect a radial light that is very characteristic of northern lands.

1 pear diamond min. 0,90 ct
199 round diamonds 2,30 ct
Rock crystal 4,23 ct
White gold 750/1000 12,32 g